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Experience Unmatched Performance with Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 - Your Ultimate Engine Oil for Hypersport Motorcycles!

Elevate Your Hypersport Ride: Prepare for the thrill of a lifetime with Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2. This fully synthetic 4-stroke high-performance engine oil is meticulously crafted for the most demanding hypersport motorcycles with powerful engines. 

JASO MA2 Certified: Ride with confidence knowing that your engine, transmission, and clutch are shielded by a formula that meets the stringent JASO MA2 standards. No more worries about clutch slippage—ensure the optimal functioning of your oil bath couplings.

Unleash Hypersport Power: Experience unrivaled power and performance as Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 fuels your engine with precision-engineered lubrication. Take your hypersport motorcycle to its limits and beyond.

 Ultimate Protection: These lubricants offer unbeatable protection across the entire spectrum of application. From your engine to your transmission and clutch, Motorex has you covered, ensuring peak performance mile after mile.

Extreme Riding, Extreme Conditions: Conquer the most challenging riding conditions with ease. Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 is designed to excel in extreme environments, providing consistent and reliable performance.

Engine Cleanliness: Keep your engine pristine, free from harmful deposits, and performing at its best. Motorex's commitment to cleanliness means a longer engine life and maximum efficiency.

Ride with Confidence: Your hypersport motorcycle deserves nothing less than the best. Elevate your riding experience with Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 and unlock the full potential of your machine. Ready to embrace the power of extreme riding? Click 'Add to Cart' now and embark on a journey of unparalleled power, durability, and confidence.

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Manufactured by: MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31, P.O. Box 4901 Langenthal, Switzerland