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PHALANX™ HydraTec Parka – Only KORDA® uses premium HydraTec membranes with taped seams to ensure a truly rainproof cover over the garment to protect you from rain. The HydraTec membrane is rated for 12000mm water resistance and 7500g/m2 breathability and is ideal for use on a motorcycle. Being part of the PHALANX™ System, the jacket is designed for use while on the bike and also as a standalone garment after you reach your destination.

THE PHALANX™ MODULAR SYSTEM – The Freedom of Choice™ Most motorcycle garments are marketed as “all Weather” or “all-purpose”. As a result, most summer jackets are bundled with poor-quality liners inside. The PHALANX™ modular system allows the customer to choose which layers he wants and ensures a high-quality product for his money. So instead of being forced to buy a jacket that is fitted with a low-quality liner which is consequently more expensive, the PHALANX™ System allows the user to choose exactly which liner he needs. So a rider in hot monsoon climates will not be forced to buy a thermal liner and a rider in a cold dry climate will not need to buy an unnecessary rain liner – The Freedom Of Choice™. PHALANX™ System garments are also specifically designed to be worn both as a stand-alone layer and also to be used in combination with other KORDA® garments. FAQ’s What is the waterproof level of the PHALANX™ HydraTec Parka? The PHALANX™ Parka is made with a HydraTec membrane. A jacket made with this fabric will withstand most downpours and even snow but will soak through if exposed over time if subjected to pressure against the fabric such as from the shoulder straps of a heavy pack. What is the breathability of the PHALANX™ HydraTec Parka? The breathability of this jacket is measured at 7500g/m2, which means that it is fine for motorcycle riding in the rain and urban travel in the rain but may get warm during high-intensity activities such as hiking.