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The Korda Guard is an advanced variant of our evergreen Drag riding gloves, tailor-made for your next sprint. The Guard boasts the same elite KNOX SPS 404 protection found in the world’s most sophisticated gloves. Pair this with KORDA’s signature TPU protectors for the knuckle, which exceeds CE knuckle protection standards, add some of the softest and most abrasive-resistant leather in the world, and you've got the best short glove choice in the country.

Features: Superior Scaphoid Protection: Experience the comprehensive embrace of the Knox SPS 404. The scaphoid is the most frequently injured bone during motorcycle mishaps, often due to the jarring grab effect upon palm-ground contact. Our dual-layer SPS 404 isn't just any protection; it's a fusion of Knox's cutting-edge Micro-lock armour on the inside and the rugged, abrasion-resistant LDPE on the outside. LDPE is noted for its low-temperature flexibility, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Certified Precision: The SPS placement receives a nod of approval directly from KNOX headquarters in London. After all, the perfect scaphoid protection hinges on impeccable positioning. Dive into the Korda Guard – a synthesis of flair and function.

Hybrid Stitching Technique: Employing a systematic blend of external and internal finger stitching, optimized for enhancing protection and comfort while reducing material bulk. M.I.D.A.S Protection (Maximum Impact Defense Active System): Our proprietary knuckle protector is engineered with a bi-layered exterior to optimize impact absorption. For enhanced ergonomic comfort, a dual-foam stratification has been integrated: one layer positioned directly beneath the knuckle shield, and a secondary layer enveloping the dorsal hand region.

In other words, an active system designed for impact mitigation. Additionally, our knuckle protectors have been meticulously calibrated in two distinct dimensions to ensure precise fitment and comprehensive coverage, catering to a diverse spectrum of hand proportions. Advanced Wrist Security Mechanism: Incorporating a Lycra(R) gusset, the wrist closure is precision-engineered for a tailored and secure fit. This design paradigm guarantees enhanced grip around the wrist, minimizing the potential for displacement in an event. Seamless Connectivity: Embrace the digital age with our superior conductive material-tipped gloves! Our gloves are touchscreen-friendly and feature cutting-edge TouchTip™ on the index finger and thumb. Stay connected, effortlessly, without ever taking them off.

Perfect for those on-the-go moments when every second counts.

Perfect Fit: Expertly designed with the ideal cuff length, our gloves always ensure an impeccable, snug fit. Experience the next level of glove comfort and bid adieu to your old, ill-fitting pair.

Immediate Comfort: Why wait to break in? Our gloves, with their pre-curved fingers, feel like a natural extension of your hand from the get-go.