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The FOGOFF-30 Anti Fog clear insert for helmets is designed to prevent fogging on the visors of motorcycle helmets. They come in a universal size to fit a wide variety of helmets. These inserts are an economical alternative to Pinlock inserts, providing good value for money.


Clear & Transparent: The insert provides a clear and transparent view without visual distortion. Anti-Fog: It helps to prevent fogging on the helmet visor, ensuring better visibility.

Patented Adhesive System: The patented adhesive system used in the FogOff is designed to enhance the insert's lifespan. Day & Night Use: Suitable for use during both day and night riding.

Optically Correct: The insert is claimed to be 100% optically correct, ensuring that it doesn't distort your vision. High-Quality Sealing Gasket: It includes a high-quality sealing gasket to prevent dust collection between the insert and the visor.

Fits Most Helmets: Designed to fit almost all helmets without pins. Made in Europe.