Meter Display Guard For Xpulse 200/Xtreme 200S/Xpulse 200T/Glamour XTEC

Safeguard your Xpulse 200/Xtreme 200S/Xpulse 200T/Glamour XTEC display screen with JB Racing Display Screen Protector

A screen guard protects your phone’s screen; similarly, the display screen protector keeps your motorcycle’s display screen safe from scratches and dirt. This improves your visibility of the screen as you ride, making the riding experience convenient and smooth.

Resistance to scratches and water: The display screen protector is resistant to scratches and water, reducing the chance of display damage even under harsh riding conditions.

UV protection: This accessory is designed to offer your display screen protection from the harmful UV rays, ensuring your display remains undamaged for a long time.

Easy installation: The protector can be stuck to your KTM Adventure/Duke-390 display screen with absolute ease within minutes.

Custom built: This display screen protector is designed by JB Racing exclusively for KTM Adventure/Duke-390, which means you don’t have to do any adjustments to install it.

Product Details

Colour: Colorless

Primary Material: Plastic

Suitable for: KTM Adventure/Duke-390 Warranty: 30 days replacement warranty for manufacturer defects. Just give us a call.