KTM Adventure Saddle Stay 250/390

Safely carry your saddlebags with KTM Adventure Saddle Stay

Out of everything, carrying your saddlebags is the most challenging aspect of going on a long tour on your motorcycle. Well, no more because the KTM Adventure Saddle Stay is here to allow you easy mounting of your bags while ensuring safety.

Carry ‘em bags: The saddle stay allows you to easily mount your saddlebags and secure them during the ride.

Safe travels: With this saddle stay, you no longer have to worry about the bag touching the moving parts of the motorcycle, promoting safer riding.

Durable addition: With the use of mild steel in its manufacture, the saddle stay is tough and corrosion resistant, lasting through any type of riding condition.

Direct fit: The saddle stay is made exclusively for your KTM Adventure and doesn’t call for any modification or extra fittings for installation.

Product Details Colour: Black

Primary Material: Mild steel

Suitable for: Only KTM Adventure