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Presenting the Korda Splash riding gloves, crafted with care and precision, these gloves are your shield against the challenges of wet weather. They're not just about protection, they're about keeping you dry during monsoons and those surprise rain showers. For riders who don't let a little rain stop their journey, the Korda Splash gloves are the perfect fit.


M.I.D.A.S Protection (Maximum Impact Defense Active System): The knuckle protector is engineered with a bi-layered exterior to optimize impact absorption. For enhanced ergonomic comfort, a dual-foam stratification has been integrated: one layer positioned directly beneath the knuckle shield, and a secondary layer enveloping the dorsal hand region. Additionally, our knuckle protectors have been meticulously calibrated in two distinct dimensions to ensure precise fitment and comprehensive coverage, catering to a diverse spectrum of hand proportions. Monsoon Protection for Your Hands: Ride into the rain with our unique

HydraTec inner membrane. It promises to keep your hands comfortably dry, letting you ride through every downpour with ease. Precision RainTech Grip System: Navigating through rain demands impeccable throttle and lever control. Our scientifically-designed silicone patches on the palm, augmented by strategic silicone panels on the fingers, deliver unparalleled grip dynamics for throttle, clutch, and brake maneuvers, ensuring precise control even in the wettest conditions.

Advanced StormShield Gauntlet Construction: With Splash's extended gauntlet design, enjoy superior coverage that dovetails effortlessly with your rain jacket. This precision-crafted feature ensures a tight seal, warding off wind and staunchly preventing water ingress. Step into the rain confidently, fully equipped against the elements.

Dynamic FlexWave Design for Optimal Dexterity: Incorporating accordion panels on all fingers and the dorsal hand region, our design ensures fluid movement and ease of operation, particularly with clutch and front brake lever engagements. Experience the marriage of comfort and functionality with every maneuver.

Double-Grip Closure Design: With our full gauntlet design, these gloves come equipped with a dual closure mechanism—one at the wrist and another on the gauntlet. This design ensures a snug fit while providing optimal security, reducing the risk of glove displacement during potential impacts. Grip with trust and precision. ClearView Visor Swipe for Rainy Rides: Equipped with a soft wiper on the left glove, effortlessly clear away rainwater from your visor, ensuring uninterrupted vision even during the most challenging downpours. Navigate with clarity, rain or shine.

Seamless Connectivity: Embrace the digital age with our superior conductive material-tipped gloves! Our gloves are touchscreen-friendly and feature cutting-edge TouchTip™ on the index finger and thumb. Stay connected, effortlessly, without ever taking them off. Perfect for those on-the-go moments when every second counts.